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Three Stone Ring - Handmade 9k Yellow Gold with Pink Indian Ruby, Green Peridot and White Topaz
Three Stone Ring
Three Stone Ring
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Three Stone Ring

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- Handmade in 9k Yellow Gold

- 1 x Pink Indian Ruby
- 1 x Green Peridot
- 1 x White Topaz 

- Green Peridot size 4mm

- White Topaz size 2mm
- Ring Band width 3mm 

- 48 (S)

- 52 (M)
- 56 (L)

Each ring is handmade with precision and care, and all stones are hand cut and polished to perfection. The price of each ring is determined by the materials used, and how intricate the craftsmanship is. 

PLEASE NOTE: All stones are unique and hand cut. Please keep in mind some may have slight variances in colour and characteristics from the image shown.